The term cosplay is a portmanteau of the English words "costume" and "play".

It is a type of performance art in which participants wear costumes
and accessories to represent a specific character or idea.

All these cosplayers were portrayed in Lucca Comics November 3, 2012.
281A0871 281A0893 281A0877 281A0889 281A0881 281A0886
281A0876 281A0888 281A0891 281A0920 281A0896 281A0913
281A0915 281A0917 281A0923 281A0924 281A0925 281A0927
281A0930 281A0940 281A0950 281A0953 281A0960 281A0966
281A0967 281A0970 281A0971 281A0973 281A0976 281A0979
281A0983 281A0984 281A0986 281A0990 281A0993 281A0996
281A0997 281A1000 281A1002 281A1004 281A1007 281A1010
281A1012 281A1013 281A1018 281A1021 281A1033 281A1034
281A1037 281A1038 281A1041 281A1042 281A1047 281A1048
281A1049 281A1051 281A1054 281A1059 281A1061 281A1063
281A1067 281A1070 281A1076 281A1077 281A1081 281A1084
281A1085 281A1092 281A1093 281A1108 281A1111 281A1112
281A1115 281A1117